Design, Simulation, Reliability

Lead partners: Fraunhofer, Infineon Technologies AG (IFAG)

Comprehensive support of architectural design consideration of dedicated nano sensor systems, based on multi-physics analysis including functional aspects as well as parasitic; the main project tasks are:
  • Support for System design
  • Advanced Parasitic Extraction
  • Hierarchical system modeling and model validation
Product designers will apply advanced nano technologies only if they fulfill certain reliability requirements. In order to meet time to market it is absolutely essential to start the development of tests for reliability and robustness at the early beginning of a technology development. Products can then be designed specifically with the knowledge of the impact of different stresses on the lifetime. It is essential to:
  • Develop methods to make reliability assessable
  • Study degradation mechanisms based on physics of failure
  • Develop lifetime models and simulation models for the prediction of degradation under use conditions
  • Develop highly accelerated stress
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