Active Medical Implants

Lead partners: Sorin, 3D Plus

Technical goals

  • Develop an integrated system of very small size where devices are close to the organ to treat, and eliminate connecting leads which are otherwise considered as the weakest point of such system.
  • Applications like cardiac pacemakers or defibrillators have been chosen as the target for the demonstrator application.
  • Create a technological platform for new applications like neural stimulators (Parkinson disease, profound depression, blood hypertension control), small subcutaneous communicating multi sensors and autarkic biocompatible implants for long term diagnosis and monitoring.
  • fully integrated system comprising an energy scavenging from heart contraction movements , low and high voltage ASICs, high density isolated capacitors for power storage, communication transceiver to synchronize the pacing between leadless pacemakers

Demonstrator & challenges

Epicardial leadless capsule

  • 3D module with electronic chips and battery
  • Capacitors to be integrated in PICS technology
  • Mechanical design of capsule with 3D acceloremeter without energy scavenger
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Epicardial leadless capsule unit